AGM Awards

AGM Awards

NEU is honored and humbled by the contributions all of our coaches, staff and volunteers have made in 2017. We are aware that without the combined help of everyone involved our club would not be as united and as strong as we are.  With that in mind, we couldn’t be more pleased that three members from our staff received recognition at the 2017 Oregon Youth Soccer Association’s Annual General Meeting.

Rene Gonzalez

NEU President, Rene Gonzalez, Administrator of the Year!

Rene’s vision, execution and voice for change is unprecedented in our soccer community. After serving as the Oregon Adult Soccer Association President he moved to Vice President and is now the President of NEU.  Rene’s energy to positively impact our soccer community is contagious.

Under Rene’s leadership Northeast United has doubled it’s numbers of Competitive Teams, expanded into the high school ages, and has helped the club achieved the largest recreational program in Portland.  Rene’s passion centers around the role soccer clubs play in positively shaping the future of youth sports in our community and all across Oregon. His voice for change and alternatives pertaining to leagues, cups and individual player programs has been central in crafting a brighter future for youth soccer clubs.

Within NEU Rene has been central in implementing yearly survey’s of club membership to give families a voice. These survey results shape a full service soccer club, allowing it to continue fulfilling the mission of soccer being the vehicle that teaches life lessons to it’s members.

Rene’s passion, commitment and drive embodies what it means to be a part of United PDX.

OYSA Boy’s Competitive Coach of the Year, Erik Miller!

Erik’s dedication to the northeast soccer community is unmatched. He is the age group head coach for the 2005, 2001 and 2002 boys along with being the head coach of the Grant High School boys team. In the fall Erik also oversees the NEU Mighty Mites program, which consists of kids ages 4-6 years old, and had over 100 new kids enthusiastic and eager to learn soccer.  He coordinates the high school players to volunteer to coach in his program.

The enjoyment level and fun had by all is largely due to Erik’s organization and leadership. As the age group head coach for the 2005 boys, Erik oversaw the development and ultimately the graduation of 5 players into the US Soccer Development Academy. The 2001 & 2002 boys age groups contain many players from across the city from tough socio economic families and Erik does a phenomenal job to organize the logistics of getting these players where they need to be and keeping them engaged with the game.

Along with Erik’s coaching responsibilities he also oversees the recreational teams uniforms, gear distribution, volunteer coaching education, practice field scheduling and gear collection of over 1,200 players along with nearly 300 volunteers.

Erik is deeply rooted in the northeast soccer community and vitally impacts every level of the club!

Erik Miller

Boys Recreational Coach of the Year, Trevor Tharp!

Trevor optimizes the idea of a Coach / Teacher. Being a full time elementary school teacher he is able to connect with the kids to provide a fun, yet informative, learning environment.

A master at garnering the attention of U8 –  U10 aged players, Trevor is able to make this otherwise energy-demanding task look like child’s play.  His endless energy, enthusiasm and dedication to the players can be seen immediately.  With over 100 players under his guise it is a work of art to see him develop the next generation of United PDX boys and girls. When you speak to older players within our club the name that consistently comes up without hesitation is Coach Trevor!

Trevor organizes over 100 players into teams, outlines schedules for each weekend and has exceptional communication skills. He is a mentor for our entry level coaches, many of which are young people transitioning from playing to coaching. The number of coaches he has developed and graduated into the competitive coaching ranks is seen within the United PDX coaching DNA.

A parent to one of Coach Trevor’s players raved, “I don’t know how he does it, taking the time to connect with my son in an individual way. He is like an orchestra conductor who can bring together a mass of individuals, 7 to 9 year old boys and gils, all in a collective direction. No small task and he does it with ease!”