Junior Academy

Who is it for
Committed U11-U14 players interested in competitive soccer and looking for a professionally managed year-long team training environment.

Provide top level training on an age appropriate competitive calendar.

Time Commitment
12 month season with built-in breaks and flexible attendance periods.

Age Groups
2009:        U11
2008:        U12
2007:        U13
2006:        U14

Roster Size
U11-U12:     12-14 players per team
U13-U14:     15-17 players per team

$1,500 for the year.


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Our Junior Academy is for players age U11 – U14 looking for a competitive soccer experience.  Training is 2-3 times a week and lead by a professionally licensed coach with the main emphasis being on individual technical training.  Teams are formed by ability and compete in local and regional events.

There is a $1,500 yearly membership fee for this program, which covers the cost of your Fall & Spring League registration fee, a Cup tournament (State Cup, President’s Cup or Founder’s Cup) and your training costs.  If a team chooses to enter tournaments throughout the year the cost for those events will be split up between the team.  These events are generally in the $55 per player range for a registration fee, plus any travel expenses.

Team Formation
Tryouts will be held the beginning of May (Tentative Dates: May 6th & 7th) for the East & West Locations. Teams will be formed based on location, East or West. Initial team rosters will be set for the summer and then players will be evaluated over the course of the summer for fall team placement. This does not mean rosters will be set for the entire year. Depending on the developmental needs of a player he/she could be moved.

Once a player has received his/her team placement they must accept their roster spot and make an initial $300 payment. That $300 secures their spot on the team and acceptance confirms their commitment to the team for the year and is their agreement to paying their remaining annual membership fee by the end of December.  Accounts still holding a balance in December are subject to late fees.  United PDX offers payment plans, an automatic bill pay option, and financial assistance.

After rosters are formed, Team Connect will be pushed live with your team roster, coaching staff, and team manager.

Team Manager
Parent Volunteer to assist with team & club communications, assistance with player cards & rosters, assistance with collecting player documentation.

All Tournaments including State Cup, President’s Cup, and Summer Events must be approved by the Junior Academy Director. This is to ensure all events outside of training & league play are developmentally appropriate for the players.

If a team is approved to play in a tournament there will be tournament fees split between the team (tournament registration, travel, food, etc.).

Junior Academy (U11-14)

  • 12-14 game fall season, 8 game spring season - all games played in Oregon or SW Washington, travel to areas like Bend, Eugene, Medford, Grants Pass, etc. may be required
  • 9v9, 30 minute halves for U11 and U12
  • 11v11, 35 min halves for U13 - U14



Summer Period

OYSA Fall Season

Winter Training

OYSA Spring Season

OYSA State Cup


Early May

May - August

September - November

December - January

February - April




15 weeks

9 weeks

6 weeks

8 weeks

4 weeks


2x per week

2-3x per week

2x per week

2x per week

2x per week

2x per week



Friendlies & Tournaments

OYSA Fall Season

Friendlies & Tournaments

OYSA Spring Season

OYSA State Cup

Concentrate on what will produce results rather than on the results, the process rather than the prize.
– Bill Walsh

Traits of a United PDX Player

  • Do things the right way and on time. Be conscientious in your actions; respect every aspect of the game.
  • Stand as one. We win together, lose together and grow together. Our group is strong and supportive.
  • Be enthusiastic in all our endeavors. Pursue personal, team and club goals with passion.
  • Strive daily to continue our education and learning. We share our knowledge and support every endeavor to further our education in all aspects. Knowledge is a prerequisite for wisdom.
  • We are loyal to our mission, values, goals, the game and our membership.
  • Own our work and our results. We work to the best of our ability.

Junior Academy Director