Youth Development Academy

About the program

The Youth Development Academy is the first step in the competitive pathway.  It is an 8 month season with built in breaks and periods of flexible attendance.  Training is twice a week and lead by professional, USSF licensed coaches.

Teams of 12-14 are built and compete in the OYSA fall and spring Development League.  Teams can also expect to participate in 1 or 2 summer jamborees.  The summer period is also where players will be evaluated for team placement in August.

Days: Tuesday / Thursday
Location: Oregon Episcopal School
Time: 5:30 – 6:30 pm
Gender: Boys and Girls

Washington Timbers – June 16th
Willamette United – July 22nd
PCU – August 19th

Potential Summer Tournaments
PCU Summer Classic – July 13-15th
Oswego Nike Cup – July 27 – 29th
Mt Hood Challenge – August 3-5th


Team Formation
The beginning of May the club will assign all returning players to a roster based on their previous season. New Players will be evaluated throughout the spring/summer and assigned to a roster based on his/her ability. Depending on a players developmental needs he/she could be moved up or down at anytime during the year.
Age Groups
2009 (U10) Boys: 2-3 Teams
2010 (U9) Boys: 2-3 Teams
2011 (U8) Boys: 2-3 Teams
2009 (U10) Girls: 2-3 Teams
2010 (U9) Girls: 2-3 Teams
2011 (U8) Girls: 2-3 Teams


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Summer Preparation

Fall Competitive

Off Season

Futsal Period




June - August

September - October

November - December

January - February

March - April



10 weeks (No training week of 7/4)

8-9 weeks

8-9 weeks

7 weeks (Starts after 1/1)

8-9 weeks (No training/games over Spring break)

2-3 Weeks


2x a week

Training 2x per week


Futsal Training (RCF West) 1x

Training 2x per week



Potential Summer Jamborees

Fall Development League



Spring Development League



Attendance as schedule allows

Attendance expected


Attendance as schedule allows

Attendance expected



June – August, 12 weeks, 2x per week, friendlies and jamborees. $300


Fall Competitive Season

September – November, 12 weeks, 2 times a week, Sunday games in OYSA Developmental League.  $300

Spring Competitive Season

February – April, 12 weeks, 2 times a week, Sunday games in OYSA Developmental League.  $300

“When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know -but if you listen you may learn something new.”​​​​​​​  – JP McEvoy​​​​​​​

Youth Development Academy Directors

Traits of a United PDX Player

  • Pursue excellence in all endeavors.
  • Work hard. A sense of fulfillment comes from hard work and achievement.
  • Do things the right way and on time. Be conscientious in your actions; respect every aspect of the game.
  • Own our work and our results. We work to the best of our ability.
  • Stand as one. We win together, lose together and grow together. Our group is strong and supportive.
  • We are loyal to our mission, values, goals, the game and our membership.